Nedergaard can be traced all the way back to The Stone Age where it was a part of the twin-farm Abskowsgarth (Askovgård), that originally was situated where Dagli'Brugsen (the local grocery store) is today.

The place name Askov is first noticed historically within the name Askovgård. During The Middle Ages the farm was a small manor with a copyhold farm. In 1438 the church took ownership of the farm, reducing it to copyhold farm.

Askovgård was divided into two farms shortly after 1800. Nedergaard was moved south of Vejenvej . The other half of the farm was included in another farm though keeping the name Askovgård.

Nedergaard had different owners during the 1800's. The farm has often been referred to as Boesen's farm after Jørgen Boesen, who owned the farm from 1895 to 1946. Peter Søndergård, the current owner of Nedergaard, is the grandson of Jørgen Boesen.

In 1902 Nedergaard had electricity installed as one of the first in the country. The farm house was rebuild in 1916 by architect Ivar Bentsen. At the same time the wings were refurbished, but they burned to the ground in 1991 after a stroke og lightning. Today the farm house is protected.

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